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Leopard cub with legs tied together is prodded by laughing villagers

Shocking footage shows distressed two-month-old leopard cub with its legs tied together being prodded and manhandled by laughing villagers

  • Leopard cub was bought back to village for children after being spotted in forest
  • Villagers in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, India, roughly pick up little cub
  • One man strokes tail while leopard tries to growl and children smile for pictures

A two-month-old cub had its legs tied together with a rope while villagers played with it and posed for pictures.

The leopard cub was spotted in a nearby forest and bought back to the village for the children to play with in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra in India.

In the shocking video, the little cub can be seen completely immobile and in a discomfort as a man pats at its back, trying to get a reaction.

A man holds up the leopard cub for other villagers and children to see in Maharashtra, India

The cub tries to growl at the villagers but cannot move as its legs are tied together with rope

Other people can be seen stood around the animal and heard laughing as the cub tries to groan at them and snap back at the man who prodded it.   

It can be seen opening its mouth and trying to growl as the people continue to talk and film the incident on their mobile phones.

One man then strokes the leopard’s tail before another picks the cub up by its neck.

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The cub cannot make any sound while it is being held in the air and children rush over to touch it and pose for a picture.

When it is placed back on the ground the cub tries to express its discomfort by groaning but ends up whimpering. 

The video went viral and triggered a furious reaction from people on social media. 

People try to make the animal react (left) by prodding it and stroking the sad cub’s back (right)

Several people smile and laugh as the man shows off the immobile leopard to the camera

The video also reached the Indian forest department who rescued the cub safely.

Additional Conservator of Forest Subhash Puranik said: ‘The location was identified based on the language spoken in the video and our forest workers rushed to the rescue of the cub.

‘We have safely secured the cub and we will release it into its habitat soon after getting it properly checked by a vet.’

However it was not confirmed if a proper case was registered against the villager who had brought it home from the jungle. 

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