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Vice Increases Original French Content With Three New Shows

PARIS – A year after launching Viceland in France, Vice is ramping up its original French content with three new productions: “Rum Diaries with Joey Starr,” “Instagraille” and “Hometown.”

“Rum Diaries with Joey Starr” follows the rapper-turned-actor-producer Joey Starr (pictured) on a journey to rum distilleries across the world, including in Martinique, his homeland, Guadeloupe, Cuba and Jamaica. Through his travelogue, Starr sheds light on the history of colonialism, slavery and the essence of Creole identity. Starr, whose hip hop band NTM was hugely popular in the ’90s, remains one of France’s best known musicians and has become a prominent actor since his breakthrough role in Maiwenn’s “Polisse.”

Vice will also bank on France’s renown for cuisine and fashion with “Instagraille” and “Hometown.”

“Instagraille” follows France’s top-ranked chefs and their entourages to their favorite restaurants and hangout spots. “Hometown” delivers intimate portraits of several high-profile designers. In each episode, a designer will take viewers to their hometowns, discuss their inner worlds, inspirations, career paths and their motivations.

All three new original French productions will be available on Vice around the world.

Vice has been in France since 2007 and now boasts 10 million unique users per month. The group is now aiming to take it to the next level in France with a new editorial team: Ariel Wizman, a DJ, TV host and journalist who worked many years at Canal Plus and will now be head of creative content; Reza Pounewatchy, a journalist who also worked at Canal Plus on a millennials-skewing magazine and will be head of video production; and Florence Willaert, who comes from Lui Magazine and will now be editor in chief of Vice Media France.

Nicolas Bonard, who was appointed managing director of Vice Media France in March, said the new editorial team will allow the group to create synergies across multiple screens and feed the pipeline of digital services, social networks and the new Viceland channel.

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