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Charo Threatens to Quit ‘DWTS’ Amid Complaints of Unfair Scores


The Spanish entertainer is reportedly very upset as ‘she feels like she’s being treated and scored very unfairly.’

Charo is another “Dancing with the Stars” contestant who is reportedly not happy during her stint on the show. The 71-year-old Spain-born actress, comedian and flamenco guitarist is said very upset about her scoring this week.

Charo earned a 21 in the season premiere and a 25 in the second week out of 40 from the judges. She was in jeopardy along with Chris Kattan, but ultimately it was the “Saturday Night Live” alum who was sent packing.

The star whose real name is María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza complained to the producers about her scoring after that brush with elimination. A source tells E! News, “Charo was super upset this week about her scoring and she feels like she’s being treated and scored very unfairly,” adding, “She is seriously upset.”

She allegedly threatened to quit the dancing competition. “She was telling producers that she doesn’t like how they’re underscoring her and she feels like she’s been treated so badly so she was threatening to quit,” the source goes on revealing. The producers managed to convince her to stay, but it’s reported that the threat still stands “unless they started scoring her performances more fairly.”

Charo previously expressed her disappointment over Chris’ elimination after the Monday, March 27 episode. “I was very upset that they kicked out Chris,” she said. “I was about to make a deal. I go, and he stays. But I don’t think the rules allow that. He tried very hard and it’s so beautiful. Also, I was very upset that they gave [better scores] to Mr. T.”

A rep for Charo neither denies nor confirms the threat, only stating, “Charo loves ABC and DWTS and she appreciates the opportunity afforded to her to be a part of the show.”

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