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Brad Pitt Won’t Play Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’


Director David Leitch has ended the rumor once and for all, confirming that Pitt won’t be on board to play the time-travelling mutant.

It is eventually confirmed that Brad Pitt won’t play Cable in “Deadpool 2”, despite reports. During CinemaCon on Monday, March 27, director David Leitch told ComicBook.com that Pitt’s name was no longer in the list of the actors who might play the time-travelling mutant.

“We had a great meeting with Brad, he was incredibly interested in the property,” said Leitch. “Things didn’t work out schedule-wise. He’s a fan, and we love him, and I think he would’ve made an amazing Cable,” he continued.

The rumor about Pitt playing Cable stemmed from a tweet posted by Tracking Board editor-in-chief Jeff Sneider on Wednesday, March 22. On his Twitter account, Sneider wrote, “Will be interesting to see if Brad Pitt plays Cable.” A report from Collider said that Pitt was indeed eyed to play Cable and the actor was interested to take the role. However, Collider reported that Pitt had “moved on.”

Besides Pitt, another actor who was recently rumored to play Cable was Michael Shannon. While Leitch didn’t confirm whether or not the actor would join “Deadpool 2”, Leich told JoBlo that Shannon “would make an incredible Cable.” The director said, “You know, I think, Michael Shannon, that name speaks for itself, he’s an incredible actor and he can accomplish anything.”

He went on saying, “Yeah, I’m passionate about him as an actor and, look, he would make an incredible Cable. If that happens, I would be through the roof that I get to work with another incredible actor. I can’t say that it’s going to happen, because we’re looking-the list is what the list is. But, yeah, I have nothing but great things to say about him and I’m a huge, huge fan.”

The “Deadpool” sequel is set to hit U.S. theaters on March 2, 2018. Ryan Reynolds will return to the movie as the titular antihero. Stefan Kapicic (Colossus), Karan Soni (Dopinder the taxi driver) and Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead) are also among the returning actors. Reynolds has announced that “Atlanta” star Zazie Beetz would join the movie as new character Domino.

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