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This could the ultimate solution to avoid getting sick on a flight… but would you dare?

But there is one way to decrease your chances of catching a bug, although you’ll attract plenty of stares from other travellers.

A company called Seat Sitters is selling disposable covers that go over your plane seat.

The pack, which is selling for $14.99 (£11.45) on Amazon, also comes with a disposable tray table cover, two sanitary wipes and an allergy mask.

According to the company, the covers can be washed five times in the washing machine.

While plenty of customers will be buying the covers to protect themselves from germs, they have also been bought by parents of children with peanut
and food allergies.

Founder and CEO Gina Hoensheid came up with the idea after her family kept getting sick after flying.

She said: “After doing some research I realised just how long germs can survive on surfaces, and that your seat and the area around you are not the only places that need cleaning. That’s why I created Seat Sitters.”

Passengers who are especially paranoid about coming into contact with germs have also admitted to using the covers on cinema and bus seats.

One Amazon customer said: “I purchased these for an upcoming trip as I always grossed out by the tray tables and dirty seats on planes.”

Another added: “We had non-allergic people admiring it and wishing they had one.

“I just had to wipe the arm rests, belt and window. I cleaned the tray and then added security with the tray table cover.”

Meanwhile, Gwyneth Paltrow reckons she has the best solution for batting away germs on a flight.

The actress says that she avoids getting ill on planes with the aid of a spray that costs around £10 – colloidal silver spray.

There are other, less attention-attracting ways to limit your contact with germs on planes too – by catching the earliest flight possible.

Once you’re at your location, you'd also better beware of the hotel room chairs – because many people will sit on them naked.

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