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Hilarious photographs show women ‘FEMSPREADING’


The hilarious photographs that show women ‘FEMSPREADING’ on public transport (despite their criticisms of the way men sit)

  • Menare regularly being berated by furious feminists over how they choose to sit on public transport
  • The condemnation even resulted in aposter campaign that ran on New York City’s subway in 2016
  • But Reddit and new Facebook group Femspreading has responded to the sisterhood with hilarious results

In their bid for continued relevance, Western feminists love to complain about a variety of innocuous habits – especially, it seems, if they’re committed by men.

From ‘mansplaining’ to so-called manspreading, their vilification of innocent blokes is virtually endless.

Yet, despite their righteousness, it seems the sisterhood need to look a little closer to home before dishing out criticisms of the opposite sex. Especially when it comes to public transport.

That’s because a series of images captured across the globe’s public transport networks show numerous women committing a carriage-sized cardinal sin: spreading arms, legs and luggage in a selfish bid forspace.

From New York to London, some of the world’s busiest commuter trains have offered a reality-check for Generation Snowflake. 

Here’s our carefully-curated selection of the very best (so far)…

Don't miss your stop! Proving that femspreading is not an ironic gesture, this woman takes a nap on London's Victoria Line

Don’t miss your stop! Proving that femspreading is not an ironic gesture, this woman takes a nap on London’s Victoria Line

This traveller crossed the seat boundary with her desire for femspreadingNot offered a seat of her own, this woman blocks the luggage compartment for her own comfort

Sister act: One woman strikes a rather alpha cross-legged pose (left), while a bus passenger blocks a luggage rack (right)