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Fun Things to Do With Kids This Fall


Visit museums

Go stargazing

Have a one-on-one date

If you’re a parent or a caregiver of more than one kid, it can easily feel like herding cats. Constantly balancing a forever-growing to-do list with relationships, career and kids’ schedules can make giving your kid a day or night of uninterrupted mom-time feel impossible. But for Lyss Stern, an author and mom of three, her goal for fall is to spend individual time with each of her children. “I take my 10-year-old son to a new Broadway show, as he loves the arts and is an aspiring actor… I’ll then take my oldest son to a baseball game on the weekend, and I always go the ballet with my little ballerina, Blake,” she shares.

Shop for (& cook with) fall ingredients

Putting kids to work in the kitchen isn’t an easy task; it all depends on their level interest (or whether they’re patient enough to wait for a pie to bake). But since babes can no longer be distracted by splashing in a public pool or chasing bubbles in the backyard, getting a dinner-making team together might be your best bet.

Amy Cohn, mom of two and a registered dietitian, suggests making shopping for fall produce into a scavenger hunt. It’s an easy way to introduce new flavors and make things fun for kiddos with short attention spans. Since kids being back in the classroom (and on the football field or in choir rehearsal, etc.) means you don’t get quite as much QT with them as during the summer, a weekend trip to the farmers market followed by child-friendly fall recipes can make for a family activity you’ll all enjoy. Need some recipe ideas? Look no further.

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