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35 Hot Fall Toys for 2017: The best toys of 2017

What comes between beach toy season and holiday toy season? Fall toys, of course. Even with no major holidays urging you to expand kids’ toy boxes, there are bound to be a few birthday parties or emergency “what will he play with on the airplane” purchases between September and Thanksgiving. So we’ve done our due diligence.

After much research, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the coolest new toys available this fall. From the latest American Girl doll to the revamped digital Teddy Ruxpin and all the robotic wonders in between, we predict these playthings will be the 2017 favorites.

Which hot toy will be this year’s Hatchimal? (Remember how parents were desperate to snag one of those last year? Tip: Get your new Glittering Garden Hatchimals now to avoid the same eggless fate.) Make your prediction, and then nab it before it’s gone. Sure, it’s only September, but it’s never too early to strategize.

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