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Your stars with Lilith

This week’s Sun and Neptune in water-sign Pisces washing against a volatile vortex of fiery planets suggests steamy scenes, passionate pursuits, inflammatory reactions…

ARIES: If stormy weather – either your own rogue emotions or that red planet Mars flipping exchanges from gracious to audacious to pugnacious in milliseconds – has you retiring to hibernate behind closed blinds, no problem. Forget being Aries energiser bunny; maintenance, restoration and quiet contemplation are this week’s beneficial and recommended activities.

TAURUS: Not much earth in this week’s watery/fiery/airy atmosphere, which means you’ll have to provide it. As in downplaying drama with calm commonsense. What’s in it for you? Planetary backup that showcases your organisational talents, conflict resolution and professional expertise.

GEMINI: It’s easy to misread, mishear or misinterpret meanings this week. So don’t assume anything or believe all you hear – establish what’s fact, what’s opinion. Calculate carefully before you commit, think before you speak, look before you leap. All that said, Mercury your planet mentor is ideally situated for supporting you towards fulfilling choices.

CANCER: Mercury in Aquarius is the planetary prankster known to mix messages, jumble frequencies and switch signals. Best advice? Keep a low profile, avoid the firing line, disengage from arguments and power plays. All of which frees up lots of time for orchestrating your move away from what you’ve slid out of sync with.

LEO: Mars and Venus in Let’s Dance! mode ignite an exuberant, enthusiastic weekend vibe that can also suddenly combust and erupt. Being conciliatory and user-friendly rather than top dog may forestall clashes, but if they happen, try to play mediator.

VIRGO: If other people’s irritating idiosyncrasies are getting on your wick, you can be reasonably sure the opposite’s also happening – meaning this week requires sensitive and diplomatic handling. So while you may not be able to avoid the general atmosphere of agitation, at least don’t feed it. Or take unnecessary risks.

LIBRA: Your scale-balancing assignment for this week’s ride? Finding the middle ground between outrageous and sensible, out-there and doable, inspiration and follow-through, freedom and commitment, wild and responsible, spontaneous and disciplined. Too hard basket? Think of Libran Paul Simon singing: “These are the days of miracles and wonder…”

SCORPIO: If something that looked promising falls over before it’s even got up, let it; there are truer, more aligned opportunities available during this prime networking transit. Just approach them with tact, sensitivity and discretion, all of which will be needed to navigate next week’s eclipse with its cargo of illusion-shattering truths.

SAGITTARIUS: You like brisk change, but this week’s abrupt, ready-or-not adjustments could try your patience. If weekend moon in your sign sends the emotional mercury soaring towards too darn hot with work urgencies, money grumbles or confusing communications, stop. Detach from irritations and frustration. Widen back for a more objective, expansive panoramic perspective …

CAPRICORN: A stubborn, my-way-or-the-highway attitude is only likely to provoke resistance this week, which needs a pliant, flexible mindset as it heads towards next week’s solar eclipse. Early week Capricorn moon gives you an extra-shrewd eye for the clever buy, and Saturn strengthens resolve for attending to unfinished business.

AQUARIUS: Mercury in Aquarius, especially when amplified by late week moon in your sign, can activate emotion-fuelled rants, quixotic logic and baffling behaviour. If you notice history repeating the same old situations and patterns, then learn from the past rather than rejecting it. Gratifying realisations and transformations are available.

PISCES: As the sun ushers in happy birthday Pisces month, this week’s mantra is K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, sweetheart), because current conditions are confusing enough without adding extra complications. Appearances aren’t what they seem and promises might not be kept, so relocate the focus to where it’s useful: your wish list for the coming year.

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