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The 50 Most Bubblelicious Butts on Instagram

Because it’s tough to get your butt off the couch, particularly when you’re trying to rouse yourself to hit the gym, use these almost unbelievable belfies to remind you what a solid set of squats can do for your booty: ? ➡️ ? In no particular order:

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Perfect day in my hometown ?

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This Beverly Hills-based fitness trainer hasn’t just mastered the art of taking a picture-perfect belfie — she’s honed in on exactly which exercises lift her booty, to the delight of her 10.2 million followers. Here are the butt moves she performs on the regular.


Saturday 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great weekend, Love you all!

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Jen Selter has a belfie pose named after her: Just look up #seltering to figure out what that’s all about. Then try Jen’s go-to butt moves.


?✌?….. #happyhumpday ? Photo by ? @lindseydrennan

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Creator of the Hourglass Workout, this Canada-based fitness trainer is living proof that her hardcore moves deliver — that is, deliver a butt that looks remarkably like Kim Kardashian’s.


Fitness model Julia Gilas might make it look easy to win Instagram with belfies (after all, she’s got 5 million followers) but her gym posts prove she puts in the time.


LA vibes ?

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Model Sommer Ray has 16.5 million Instagram followers — and a workout routine that explains her booty gains.


IRL, there are few things rounder than this fitness fanatic’s butt, and the only competition is fruit. That’s because she literally works her @$$ off at the gym. Just take a look at her regular routine.


Back to the north shore

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Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley doesn’t bother tucking in her buns when she hits the beach — likely because she spends so much time toning her tush, why cover up?


Young, wild and free ❤

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That Yovanna can somehow make control-top tights look sexy speaks to her shapely appeal: The animal lover has a fierce fitness regime that helps her lift and round her backside.


Nothing beats hard work?

A post shared by Bruna Rangel Lima (@xoobruna) on

This Brazilian butt girl has an online booty-building guide, and you don’t have to look much further than her Instagram page for proof that it can ~round~ out your routine.


This fitness lover and model shares her bottom-heavy workouts on Instagram — your glutes will get sore just from watching them.


Jeanette’s booty workouts are also exhausting to watch on Instagram — did I just break a sweat?! — but it just goes to show how much work goes into shaping a round AF booty.


A registered nurse and certified fitness trainer, Sami B shows her more than 861,000 followers how to slay booty workouts. #Buttspo, anyone?



A post shared by Yanet Garcia (@iamyanetgarcia) on

Yanet Garcia has been turning heads since she first delivered the forecast on Mexican TV and now bills herself as “Mexican Weather Girl.” Thanks to her fitspirational Instagram account, it’s not hard to imagine where she spends plenty of time off screen: the gym.


Wishing you all a great day! Wearing @aloyoga

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Dancer/model/fit girl butt workouts are no joke, according to the insanely difficult moves she posts on Instagram.


Bodybuilder and model Jessica Arevalo isn’t shy about showing off her booty or sharing her lower-body workouts, which might include 6 sets of 20 reps of barbell squats.


When people say lifting weights will make you look manly ?I disagree!! Lifting weights have made me feel more like a woman than before???

A post shared by Fit Model + Trainer in LA (@angelicakathleen) on

This L.A.-based fitness trainer is the creator of Cosmo’s 28-Day Butt Challenge, so give her moves a go for real results.


Before this tennis legend’s baby bump took center stage, her bubbly butt held the spotlight for good reason — can you even?!


Results happen over time. They don't come overnight. Some goals take longer to achieve than others.. and that's ok. Along our journeys, we will all make mistakes, encounter challenges along the way, and may even lose focus for a moment or two.. and that's okay. We are all human, but constantly reminding ourselves of our goals and sticking to them to the best we can is what separates progress from staying stagnant. My goal isn't to have the perfect body (whatever society or social media think the "perfect body" is). My goal is to continually challenge myself to improve. Whether that means building muscle, working on weak areas that I want to improve, or trimming down body-fat, I always be sure to set a goal to work towards. Setting a goal as tiny as getting one extra rep during your next gym session is what will keep you going. I encourage you all to find out what you want and commit to doing everything you can to achieve it.?? #BeProudOfYourself #EveryStepOfTheWay #GluteProgressPhoto #HappySundayyy ?

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An Alaska-born fit girl who’s now based in Texas, Heidi has 1.6 million followers on Instagram (and more than 529K subscribers on her YouTube fitness channel).


This London-based founder of the booty-building guide, The Peach Plan, has 514K Instagram followers, who stick around for her grueling workouts.


A NASM-certified trainer, this bikini competitor and fitness coach fills her feeds with fitspirational photos that are also blond bob #GOALS.


A perky butt (and brand new puppy NAMED AFTER PASTA!) make this body-positive certified personal trainer well worth following.


?❤️✊? #slimFIT

A post shared by B R I T T N E ╳ B A B E ™ (@brittnebabe) on

Just watching Brittne’s high-intensity butt workouts can make you (and her 1.1 million followers) S-W-E-A-T. It’s no wonder her backside is so bubbly!


SWEAT app trainer and post-pregnancy workout guru Kelsey Wells has more than 842K Instagram followers who love her honest posts (and abspiration!).


A personal trainer based in Sweden, where she battled lymphoma in her mid twenties, Linn now fills her feed with her hardcore workouts that prove it ain’t easy to build a gravity-defying butt.


Tired of being sick, so tomorrow I decide to be well! Hope it works ?? #believeinmagic

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Another Swedish trainer (who’s friends with Linn and shares their friend training account, @DoubleDedication), Madelen’s amazing ass is well worth following.


Also Swedish, Hanna’s chic aesthetic and SUPER hard workouts are all the inspo you need to hit the gym.


This super fit YouTuber has a loyal 939K-personal following on Instagram and a butt that may or may not have inspired the peach emoji. ? ?


Trying to mawdel 101: look away from the camera so people can't tell how awkward yo face is. Also touch your hair because, what the heck do I usually do with these things attached to my arms ????‍♀️? (Got smart and tagged the pic if you want outfit deets but not to read a novel. Das legit). – Yesterday involved lots of amazing food and vino and while I ate a lot more than I planned to, it was super enjoyable and made the day even more awesome. – I know a lot of people feel defeated when they go off plan and 'overdo it' but you know, you're a human. You're going to be disappointed if you're expecting perfection from yourself. – People often struggle with portion sizes and having the amount they intended. My best suggestion isn't abstinence but consider not keeping those super tempting foods at home. I'm great at controlling my dark chocolate portions but naaaat so great with ice cream portions. – If you (also) have a hard time stopping at a bowl or saying no when it's around all the time, don't leave it in your freezer. If you want it, go out and make it special. You'll have it less frequently, have it portion-controlled for you, and can make the whole thing an enjoyable experience ☺️. – Well this got wordy real quick #thorry ✌?. I hope your weekend was filled with ? and ❤ and ☀️ and all of the good things #okbyeee

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A holistic nutritionist and fitness coach with 527K followers, Katie’s feed shows exactly what kind of work it takes to build —and maintain — That Butt(!). Spoiler: She lifts a LOT more than just her body weight and actually makes things like DIY acai bowls.


@Fashionnova I can't get enough of these dresses. Thanking my custom lower body workouts too ?? (click link in bio for plans)

A post shared by ᑫIᗰᗰᗩᕼ TᕼEᖇᗩᑭY (@qimmahrusso) on

This certified personal trainer has more than 966K followers keen on learning her booty-popping secrets.


This Canadian meal-prep queen and Bikini Body Guide girl may teach children by day, but outside the classroom, her 113K followers are obsessed with the exercise and nutrition tips she shares on Instagram.


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