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The white boot was the hottest style from fashion month … should you buy them?

If there was one street style trend that stood out like a beacon at fashion month – shorthand for the New York/London/Paris/Milan shows that have been clogging our ‘Gram the past month – it was the white boot.

Ankle length and pointed, or block-heeled and round-toed, there was barely a day when the world’s most stylish women, including Yasmin Sewell and Karlie Kloss, weren’t seen in snow white kicks.

Model Karlie Kloss spotted in white boots during New York Fashion Week. Photo: The Urban Spotter for Net-a-Porter

As far as shoe trends go, they’re a 9.4 degree of difficulty given you barely have to look at grass to stain them. So how did they become so popular?

Part of the reason fashion girls in Europe got away with wearing them – and keeping them so pristine – is that they hardly walk anywhere.

Michelle Williams at the opening of the new Louis Vuitton boutique in Paris on October 2. Photo: PA

Look through their feeds and it appears these girls are walking from arrondissement to arrondissement, their boots seemingly made of teflon and deflecting all manner of gum or dog poo.

But after reading Connie Wang’s excellent piece in Refinery29 on blogger Zanita Whittington, I learnt the stars of fashion week spend most of their time repeating the same eight steps back and forth outside a show to get the perfect shot.

Lilly Collins dons a peek-a-boo style bootie at Paris Fashion Week. Photo: PA

Whittington, Wang writes, “asked her driver to drop her off two blocks away from the entrance to a show, and made an S-shaped journey, doubling the mileage she would have made if she had gone straight there” so she could get more shots.

This in part helps explain the white boot thing. And there are only so many days in a row you can wear trainers, so the white boot is basically a sneaker on wheels. Except you can’t Spray ‘N Wipe a white boot the way you can a Stan Smith (someone at Adidas is cursing my name right now).

White hot … Kaia Gerber, wearing a pair of Stuart Weitzmann boots, is one of the most famous fans of the trend. Photo: Supplied

When it comes to selecting and caring for your white boot, here are some tips. Look for a boot with a contrasting heel; black or bamboo both work and will cut down trips to the bootmaker. Small nicks can also be more easily disguised on a dark heel. And if you do buy a white heel, do not ever drive in them (unless you have white car mats).

Toe shape is also important. While I’m a huge fan of a pointed or knife toe (hello, Balenciaga!), the sharper the point, the more likely you are to nick it on the kerb, so consider a more round toe if you plan to wear them to work. 

OK, now you have your heel and toe sorted, styling them is easy. Yasmin Sewell scored a winner in Paris by teaming her Laurence Dacade boots with a red gingham dress, and before that, a blue and yellow tartan dress.

Gigi Hadid teams her white boots with denim for casual cool. Photo: AP

And if you needed any confirmation that the white boot is the hottest style of the summer, one of its biggest fans over fashion month was the world’s most in-demand model progeny, 16-year-old Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford.

As the northern hemisphere heads towards winter, there are no signs of the white boot waning in popularity. So make like a smug Aussie and get a pair now – you’re sure to be wearing them for at least 12 months. Just keep off the grass.

Nail the white boot trend with these pieces.

Stuart Weitzmann, $1110.

Isabelle Quinn, $240.

Cooper St, $180.

Leo & Lin, $290.

Equipment at Order of Style, $442.

Neous at Net-a-Porter, $745.

Boohoo, $32.

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