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This Video Taking The P*ss Out Of Fashion Bloggers Will Make You LOL

Australian Fashion Week might be done and dusted for another year, but the laughs keep on coming thanks to the video series, ‘Real Bloggers Of Sydney’.

Created by Vita and Michael Carbone, ‘Real Bloggers Of Sydney’ chronicles the adventures of “fashion bloggers” such as “Delilah Hayley-Huges Jones” as they navigate the stiletto-stacked, sometimes pleb-filled waters of events such as Fashion Week.

As a self-described Gemini, raw vegan yogi and fashion blogger, Jones refuses to associate with anyone who has 10,000 followers or less. As for her own numbers?

“I have about 163 organic followers, and I bought like, 3,000 from Taiwan,” she explains.

So what advice does Jones have for those thinking of joining the fashion industry?

“I mean it’s like, a really difficult industry to get into,” says the blogger. “Some mornings I wake up and I freak out – like especially on the weekends when I need to figure out what I can Instagram.

“There are so many hot people around North Bondi often stealing my content or gramming something that I was going to gram.”

Watch below as Jones navigates Australian Fashion Week, aka “Sydney’s equivalent of the Met Gala”.