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Karl Lagerfeld opens up about his ex-boyfriend: "I was seduced by his physical charm"

Karl Lagerfeld rarely talks about his former or current loves, but he’s opened up about his ex-boyfriend, Jacques de Bascher, in a new book.

Marie Ottavi’s new tome, Jacques de Bascher, dandy de l’ombre (“Jacques de Bascher, shadow dandy”) is a portrait of the cultivated, aristocratic Frenchman, who was known for his elegance, debauched parties and sharp tongue.

However, in an extract published by WWD, Lagerfeld says that – despite being together for 18 years during the 70s and 80s – the two never had sex.

“I infinitely loved that boy but I had no physical contact with him. Of course, I was seduced by his physical charm,” he said.

The Chanel creative director remained loyal to his boyfriend (despite his well-known affair with Yves Saint Laurent) until he died of AIDS in 1989 at the age of 38. He slept in a cot next to Bascher’s hospital bedside.

Lagerfeld was drawn to Bascher’s decadence and irresistible wildness; they were complete opposites.

“I’m a total puritan, but I found Jacques’ adventures amusing,” the designer explains in the book. “We couldn’t be further apart. I am a Calvinist toward myself, and totally indulgent toward others.”

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“Of course I knew about the affair with Saint Laurent. I had been close friends with Yves for more than 20 years. We used to go out in the early days with Anne-Marie Munoz and Victoire Doutreleau. Pierre [Berge, Saint Laurent’s long-term partner] smashed that to bits. He said I engineered their liaison to destabilise the house of Saint Laurent,” he added.

Although he was aware of his partner’s wild streak, he turned a blind eye to his partner’s promiscuity and perverse tendencies, which included locking Saint Laurent in a closet as part of their BDSM sex games.

“I didn’t hold him accountable. I only wanted to see the bright side of Jacques,” he said. “I was unaware of what he kept in the shadows. He would tell me about what he did when I wasn’t around, but I didn’t ask questions.”

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