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The internet is loving Hillary Clinton’s leather jacket, and rightly so

Should you ever be in need of a new sartorial – and career – direction, wearing a leather jacket is a surefire way to go about it. Whether you’re an ex-President of the United States easing into life as a stylish island hopper and visitor of galleries, or the head of the IMF during debt crisis meetings, a leather jacket is a sign that you mean business.

Hillary Clinton? She definitely means business.

Her post-election life is really kicking off now and this time around it seems she’s ditching the pantsuits she became famous for in her campaign/life and opted for a badass leather jacket (paired with a floral shirt) instead. It’s just the right kind of leather jacket to wear for a big event (i.e. soft leather, tailored and not too many details). She looks not to be messed with, but not like she’s going to mess you up.

And predictably, the internet is loving it, with many of the opinion that HRod is back, and she is boss.

Clinton wore said leather jacket to give a speech in which she encouraged her audience to not get tired (of relentless sexism, of Trump, of, well, everything) too quickly.

“I am here today to urge us not to grow tired. Not to be discouraged and disappointed. Not to throw up our hands because change is not happening fast enough,” she said.

After which we presumed the audience thrust their fists into the air and then raced out to get their own leather jacket. There’s so, so much work to do. Work best done in a leather jacket, florals and a whole lot of attitude.

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