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Converse Collaborates With Patta to Celebrate New “Essentials” Line

While most live with the fear of their clothes degrading over time, Converse has taken that in the completely opposite direction with the introduction of Converse Essentials, an apparel collection composed of high-quality basics that get better with time. Each piece features a high-quality construction with design features such as durable stitching, natural color-faded fabric, and managed shrinkage fit.

To celebrate the new collection, legendary Amsterdam-based boutique Patta has teamed up with Converse for a special edition Essentials crewneck sweatshirt. Arriving in a highly wearable black colorway, a white Patta logo stretches across the upper for a clean contrasted look.

Unfortunately, the Patta x Converse Essentials crewneck sweaters will be available in store-only at Patta Amsterdam on October 29, meaning the collaboration will be extremely limited.

Patta-Converse-Essentials-1-550x800 Patta-Converse-Essentials-2-550x800 Patta-Converse-Essentials-3-550x800 Patta-Converse-Essentials-4-550x800 Patta-Converse-Essentials-6-550x800 Patta-Converse-Essentials-7-550x800 Patta-Converse-Essentials-8-550x800 Patta-Converse-Essentials-9-550x800

Source: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/10/28/converse-patta-essentials/