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Carla Zampatti pays homage to the ‘renewed confidence’ of women with new collection

Carla Zampatti is not like other fashion designers.

In a world full of synthetic and ill-fitting garments made by fast fashion houses, she is the Queen Elizabeth II of the local ragtrade – a quiet revolutionary with a love of heavy fabrics. 

On Wednesday, still basking in the glow of her golden jubilee from a few seasons ago, she showed her loyal subjects why expertly tailored clothes, like one of her famous pant suits, are a worthy investment for modern women. 

“I want to help women. I want to make their lives easier with my clothes,” she said as she debuted her upcoming winter 2018 collection.

“They are busy with work, family and other commitments and are much too busy to be dashing home from the office to change outfits for a night out which is why I feel it’s important to always incorporate pieces you can layer,” she said.

Her new range will be bursting with monochrome separates and “hard and soft tailoring”, that can be easily transitioned from day to night just by adding a single-breasted jacket here, a molten-coloured pussy bow blouse there, and pants under her sheer floral embroidered gowns always.

Zampatti, a doyenne of fashion and corporate Australia, having served on numerous boards, debuted her latest collection, one that is dominated by strong shades of ruby red and ultra feminine silhouettes, in what has been touted, by New York Magazine, as the Year of the Sociopathic Baby-Man, and days after Harvey Weinstein’s assault allegations came to light. 

The designer considers her latest designs to be armour for women who, in recent months, are feeling inspired to make changes and for those who have “a renewed confidence”.

“I wouldn’t say there is a female uprising at all the changes happening but I think women are recognising how important it is to support other women and ensuring they are in a position to take responsibility for their lives,” she said.

As well as a new clothing range, Zampatti has also designed a range of spectacles and sunglasses for Specsavers. The designer, who took to wearing shades in public at all times after undergoing eye surgery four years ago, said her inspiration for the collection was Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Gucci heir, Maurizio Gucci, who ordered his murder in the 1990s.

She famously wore light pink coloured shades before spending 16 years in prison.

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