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Watch Chris Christie Get All Up In A Heckler’s Face!

You talkin’ to the governor?

Chris Christie has gotten a lot of heat this summer — whether it’s catching a foul ball at a Mets game, or enjoying a private shore day while New Jersey state beaches were closed to the public.

But when a fan heckled the New Jersey governor at a baseball game over the weekend, well… that was the last chip!

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All the 54-year-old politician wanted to do during Sunday’s Chicago Cubs game against the Milwaukee Brewers was enjoy his nachos, but he started getting razzed by a Cubs fan while returning to the seat with his plate.

Instead of ignoring the fan, Christie got right in his face for an intimidating exchange, apparently saying, “You’re a big shot” as he turned to walk back to his seat. All the while his nachos remained in pristine condition.

Thankfully, the entire interaction was recorded and posted to Twitter:

Yeesh. You can take the man out of Jersey…

As for why Christie was at a Cubs/Brewers game in Milwaukee, NBC Sports reports his son works for the Brewers.

Either way, it seems like the governor’s summer hasn’t been particularly relaxing.

Image via Twitter.

Source: http://perezhilton.com/2017-07-31-chris-christie-chicago-cubs-heckle-fan-brewers-game-baseball-face