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Victoria Beckham shows her fun side on The Late Late Show


‘Poking fun of myself’: Victoria Beckham reveals her fun side and smiles while on The Late Late Show

Victoria Beckham showed her fun side Wednesday during an appearance on The Late Late Show.

The 42-year-old English fashion designer was asked by host James Corden, 38, about recently wearing a T-shirt that read ‘Fashion Stole My Smile’.

The former Spice Girls singer has become famous for not smiling and said she was ‘playing around’ with her public persona.

‘I did make this T-shirt. It’s just me poking fun of myself,’ said Victoria who donned an all-black pantsuit.

Victoria was on the CBS chat show promoting her new capsule collection with Target.

‘I jumped at the chance to offer a line to women who don’t want or can’t afford designer prices,’ she said.

The Victoria Victoria Beckham collection for Target goes on sale April 9 at stores and on her website, Victoria said.

The mother of four also said she was proud of her eldest child Brooklyn, 18, who is headed off to study photography in September at the Parsons School of Design in New York City

‘Me and Brooklyn are very, very close. I’m so proud of him and everything that he’s achieving. He wants to be a photographer,’ Victoria said.

Victoria was joined by fellow guests Jessica Chastain and Lisa Kudrow.

Friends star Lisa, 53, said her 18-year-old son Julian also was headed off to college son.

‘I don’t care for it,’ she joked.

James noted that Victoria and Lisa used to send their children to the same school and asked if they were mom friends.

They awkwardly admitted that they weren’t parental buddies.

‘I was probably a little starstruck when we first met. I’m such a fan of Phoebe,’ Victoria said in reference to Lisa’s character on Friends.

Lisa said she also suffers from prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness, and didn’t want to make a fool of herself.

Victoria, Jessica and Lisa early in the show played a game of Flinch with James.

The women took turns standing behind a clear partition as James fired fruit from a cannon at them and recorded their flinching.

James picked out a tomato for Victoria who went first and asked if she was nervous.

‘Totally. I’m scared of tomatoes,’ Victoria quipped.

She flinched hard as the cannon boomed and the tomato exploded on impact.

‘That is not fun. And it’s loud back there,’ Victoria said afterward.

Jessica and Lisa also flinched before James took his own turn behind the glass.

The fruit cannon was stuffed by Jessica and Victoria fired away before James could get settled causing him to flinch.

Lisa gave Victoria an applause for her quick action that caught James off guard.

Playing around: Victoria Beckham revealed her fun side Wednesday during a chat show appearance in Los Angeles b-error

Poking fun: The English fashion designer said she made the ‘Fashion Stole My Smile’ T-shirt to poke fun of herself and her public persona

The guests: Victoria was joined by Jessica Chastain and Lisa Kudrow on the CBS chat show

College bound: Lisa joked about her son going to college and said ‘I don’t care for it’

Good question: James asked Victoria and Lisa if they were friends when their children went to the same school

Hollywood star: Jessica was promoting her new war drama The Zookeeper’s Wife opening Friday

On the set: James shared a photo of Victoria’s handsome husband David sporting scars and rotting teeth while filming for King Arthur

Game time:  Victoria, Jessica and Lisa played a game of Flinch with James

She flinched: The former Spice Girls singer flinched when a tomato was fired at her

Got her: Jessica also flinched as a red apple was hurled at her

Not a fan: Lisa who was promoting her new movie The Boss Baby that opens Friday was reluctant to play the Flinch game

Got him: James took part in the game and flinched when Victoria fired away early

She’s quick: Victoria celebrated as her quick fire caught James off guard and he flinched

Big applause: Lisa and audience members applauded Victoria for her quick action

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