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Why Trevor Noah Thinks Oscars Best Picture Mess Is ‘Progress’ for Black People in America (Video)

Trevor Noah joined the rest of TV’s late-night lineup Monday in dedicating a segment to the Oscars Best Picture mess, but he focused on the bright side: “In front of the whole country, black people were done wrong and minutes later they got reparations.”

“I don’t care what you say, to me, that is progress,” Noah said in the video (above). “That is progress, because, normally, that would have taken like, what, 50 years? Normally, in America, they would have had to make a movie about how ‘Moonlight’ lost the Oscar before they would have acknowledged ‘Moonlight’s’ Oscar.”

It was Noah’s first day back on the air after a week-long hiatus, and he welcomed former “Daily Show” host John Oliver, who subbed in for Jon Stewart before leaving the Comedy Central show to host HBO hit “Last Week Tonight.” President Trump quickly became the topic of conversation.

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“He’s a charismatic, funny man,” Oliver said. “He was like a fun clown, but the beauty with clowns is they knock into things, they cause explosions, their shoes are too big, but they don’t run the most powerful nation in the world.”

“So I feel like you take the best clown, and put him in the oval office, and things get less funny,” Oliver added.

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Watch the Oliver interview in the video below.

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