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See Why Trevor Noah Thinks Donald Trump Is ‘Always High’ (Video)

In honor of April 20, National Weed Day, Trevor Noah made the case that President Donald Trump “is always high.”

“I have a theory,” Noah said on Thursday’s “Daily Show.” “I think there’s strong evidence that the president is always high because he forgets people’s names, he mixes up Iraq and Syria, and what do high people always do? They forget where they put things.”

“And last week, Donald Trump didn’t just lose his keys, he lost the Navy,” Noah added, referencing the “armada” Trump sent out to the Korean peninsula that was mistakenly headed in the wrong direction.

Noah then showed a clip of Trump discussing chocolate cake during a recent interview about his missile launch on Syria — suggesting the “munchies” could have been to blame — and another video of the POTUS hugging an American flag.

“If Donald Trump hugged Melania that passionately, maybe she would live with him,” Noah said.

Source: http://toofab.com/2017/04/21/see-why-trevor-noah-thinks-donald-trump-is-always-high-video/