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Sarah Jessica Parker Shares Alternate ‘Sex and the City’ Opening (Video)

Could you ever imagine the opening credits to “Sex and the City” without Sarah Jessica Parker in that little tutu?

Well, now you don’t have to. In an Instagram post SJP shared Friday, she showed her 3.3 million followers the hit HBO comedy’s alternate opening, which is a lot less colorful than the one we all know and love.

“Lost footage. The alternate and never used title sequence from “SATC” A really nice memory,” Parker wrote.



The alternate opening shows Carrie Bradshaw walking down the streets of N.Y. in a sky blue dress, and instead of getting splashed by a puddle like in the original opening, she casually trips before a sidewalk patron checks her out.

The clip ends with her doing a little twirl while a bus with her face on it drives by.

Many comments on the post agreed that the original opening is better, and though the new clip is fun, the doesn’t give much life to Carrie Bradshaw.

After you scope out the alternate opening (above), watch the original opening credits below.

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