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Private Sydney: Uncertainty for insider trader Oliver Curtis, Roxy Jacenko as release looms

In just over four weeks time jailed inside trader Oliver Curtis is due to walk out the gates of Cooma prison, but exactly what sort of life he will return to remains a mystery.

Curtis’ 12-month prison term ends on June 24. When he leaves prison he will be placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond, however it remains unclear if he intends to resume the high-profile life of luxury, parties and designer labels he once enjoyed with his wife, socialite Roxy Jacenko, who has maintained her extravagant lifestyle despite her husband and father of their two children being locked up.

With the self-appointed ‘influencers’, stylists and bloggers who attend Australian Fashion Week, there was one name that just about everyone was attempting to avoid: Imogen Anthony. Andrew Hornery investigates.

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With the self-appointed ‘influencers’, stylists and bloggers who attend Australian Fashion Week, there was one name that just about everyone was attempting to avoid: Imogen Anthony. Andrew Hornery investigates.

Three weeks ago Jacenko was photographed kissing her former lover, the millionaire property developer Nabil Gazal Junior, having spent the night at his Darling Point apartment. The photos created yet another media storm for the publicist and followed months of speculation about the status of her marriage to Curtis, which she had previously maintained remained intact.

As PS revealed last year, Jacenko and Gazal have been spending much time together, regularly spotted at candle-lit dinners. Gazal has also joined family occasions with Jacenko’s children and her mother, Doreen.

Neither Jacenko nor Gazal have commented on the images or their relationship, though PS has previously revealed Jacenko received a $50,000 diamond ring from Gazal.

However, sources from the extended Curtis and Gazal families have confirmed to PS the relationship has had a “devastating effect”, causing considerable strain between Gazal and his family, in particular his mother.

After his sentence was read out a year ago, Curtis gave his tight-knit family in the packed public gallery a small smile and took off his tie, belt, designer watch and wedding ring.

A wad of cash was removed from his wallet and handed to Jacenko, whom he kissed three times before being led away to the cells in handcuffs.

Roxy Jacenko has said she would be waiting with children Hunter and Pixie when Oliver Curtis is released from prison. Photo: Instagram

Ever since he has been living in “prison greens” and called a tiny cell in the 150-year-old former mental asylum home. Entitled to weekly six-minute phone calls, Curtis’ luxuries have been confined to the limited range of products he is able to purchase in prison “buy ups”, ranging from packets of biscuits to deodorant. A far cry from the days he wore monogrammed velvet slippers, flew aboard private jets and stayed at the world’s most expensive resorts.

Curtis’ sentence finishes at midnight on the last day of his prison term, though there are special provisions for an inmate to be released at any time on that date.

Oliver Curtis’ present home: The Cooma Correctional Centre. Photo: Peter Rae

Jacenko has previously claimed she would be waiting for Curtis on his release with their young children, Pixie and Hunter, who she has previously told that their father was away in China on business.

A sizeable media contingent is also expected to be present for Curtis’ release.

With the army of self-appointed social media fashion “influencers”, brand “ambassadors”, stylists, bloggers, and let’s not forget the floggers, who descended on Australian Fashion Week in recent days, there was one name that just about everyone involved was attempting to avoid: Imogen Anthony.

Imogen Anthony (right) was keen to get in front of the media throughout Fashion Week. Photo: Brendon Thorne

In the celebrity void left behind this year with the distinct lack of big-name stars to grace the runway shows (in previous years we had the likes of Cate Blanchett, Jerry Hall, Bianca Jagger, Linda Evangelista and Elle Macpherson jetting in for festival of the frock), the door was left wide open for the arrival of Anthony to take centre stage.

And exactly WHO is Imogen Anthony? Indeed it was the question echoing around “faaaarrrrshun week” as bemused and befuddled magazine editors, buyers, photographers and reporters tried to make sense of the blonde wearing the gimp mask and DIY couture who was strutting from show to show, positioning herself in front of the media pit to make sure her haphazard get-ups were photographed.

Imogen Anthony seemed unable to recognise the humour when gently teased about her outfits, in particular this unusual mask. Photo: Getty Images

“Is she a stripper?” one fashion editor whispered to PS as Anthony, wearing thigh-high boots, pimp hat and a mangy-looking acrylic fur, sashayed past, leaving a plume of cigarette smoke and what smelled like freshly sprayed Impulse in her wake.

Well, not quite. Anthony’s greatest claim to fame is that she dates radio’s King of the Kids, middle-aged shock jock Kyle Sandilands, and has a penchant for taking her clothes off on social media.

But now she will be known as the nobody who ambushed Australia’s most prestigious fashion event and turned it into the world’s greatest “selfie” moment.

Models Roberta Pecoraro, Emma Balfour and Anneliese Seubert backstage at Christopher Esber Fashion Week Show.

But the diva routine was getting a little tired by day three. After plonking herself down in someone else’s seat in the front row of the TAFE students’ fashion show, Anthony was politely asked to move by the seat’s rightful occupant, who just so happened to be Fashion Week’s co-founder Lorraine Lock who pioneered the event.

Lock attempted to explain to Anthony that she was in the wrong spot. Indeed Anthony was actually meant to be sitting way back in row five.

Anthony, who apparently had her “personal stylist” accompanying her, spat the dummy, shouting “f— this!” before storming out.

In all the drama she left her purse behind. Lock had no idea who she was or who owned the purse. A quick search of the contents revealed a driver’s licence photo of a make-up-free, frizzy-haired girl but it bore little resemblance to the heavily made-up woman upstaging fashion week.

PS hears Anthony dispatched her pursed-lipped stylist to retrieve her purse, its contents intact.

Anthony maintained her rage throughout the week, launching various expletive-riddled late night rants on her Twitter feed, apparently unable to recognise the humour when gently teased about her outfits, in particular that oddball gimp mask.

A model poses backstage ahead of the Thomas Puttick show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Resort 18 Collections at Carriageworks. Photo: Getty Images

Meanwhile, the rise of the social media fashion “influencers” appears to have peaked, though what to make of the gaggle of Instagrammers of questionable provenance who shoved their way into the front row of Michael Lo Sordo’s show?

As they jammed they way onto the long bench, their arrival left several legitimate fashion buyers and editors precariously hanging on to their positions, buttocks firmly clenched, only to witness the gatecrashers harvesting the freebie gift bags like a plague of locusts.

A big tick to the designers who went against the grain and used a few of the more “seasoned” models on their runways, not in the least the fabulous Yvonne Tozzi, a top Sydney model from the ’80s and mother of today’s catwalk queens Cheyenne and Tahyna.

Tozzi, 59, a cancer survivor, walked for Thomas Puttick, while fellow designer Christopher Esber wheeled out two of the greats of the 1990s, former supermodels Emma Balfour and Anneliese Seubert, who spent their careers walking for the likes of Givenchy, Dior, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. These days they are both mothers and live their lives far away from the catwalk.

For Australian fashion designer Kym Ellery, Paris has certainly lived up to its reputation as being the city of “love”.

Ellery, in Sydney for a 10-year retrospective on Wednesday night, touched down in her former home town with a new man on her arm: handsome French musician Maxime Sokolinski.

Designer Kym Ellery was home for a retrospective of her work. Photo: Cole Bennetts

Further investigation revealed the long-haired bohemian is a good friend of Hollywood star Elle Fanning and that his sister is French actor and singer Stephanie “Soko” Sokolinski, who was most recently romantically linked to Hollywood star Kristen Stewart, their relationship effectively “outing” Stewart as a lesbian.

His were the sort of celebrity credentials the likes of poor Imogen Anthony could only dream about, but it least she still has Sandilands to go home to.

Maxime Sokolinski, who walked the runway at a Gucci show during Milan Fashion Week in February, brought some celebrity credentials to Sydney. Photo: Getty Images

As The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel revealed in the centre of Martin Pace recently while standing atop a giant 6000 kilogram pile of old clothes for an upcoming episode of his excellent War On Waste series on the ABC, fashion is one of the biggest polluters on the planet.

Australians turf out six tonnes of unwanted clothing every 10 minutes with very little regard for where most of it ends up: landfill. And most of us have even less idea about the amount of resources that go into its manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

Craig Reucassel, the host of War on Waste on the ABC. Photo: ABC

Not that it was a topic being discussed at Redfern’s Carriageworks during Fashion Week as designers sent their battalions of skinny models down the runway showing off the latest in a never-ending cycle of fashion trends designed to get consumers shopping, yet again.

“We would love to see a ‘green’ runway at Fashion Week Australia, and for IMG to introduce a criteria which only allowed sustainable fashion labels to show … that would be our ideal,” Melinda Tually told PS.

Tually is the Australian coordinator of the global Fashion Revolution movement, which aims to educate consumers about the problems of fast fashion: cheap, mass produced clothing, the consumption of which has escalated exponentially with the arrival of global chains offering discount fashions and the advent of social media, with outfits deemed unwearable once they have appeared in a “selfie” on Instagram.

Edwina McCann and Delta Goodrem at the Toni Maticevski show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Photo: Getty Images

Australian Fashion Week is owned by global marketing and events juggernaut IMG, which also owns fashion weeks in New York, Berlin, Moscow, Miami and Shenzhen. IMG management declined to comment on fashion waste when PS approached them this week, though they did point out the event was not about promoting “fast fashion”.

Vogue Australia editor-In-chief Edwina McCann recognised the “conundrum” posed by fast fashion but also that the problem was not uncomplicated.

“The idea that your jeans should costs less than your lunch has never sat easily with me. Price point must influence the volume of purchases as does quality if these items do not last, which in turn results in more waste and more manufacturing.”

She said Vogue featured the “best” fashion, whatever the price point, including the “ultimate expression of slow fashion”, haute couture, the polar opposite of cheap, polluting fast fashion.

“But obviously very few people have the means to wear couture, not to mention the occasions.”

Australians rank as the world’s second largest consumers of textiles, buying on average 27 kilograms of new clothing and other textiles each year – twice the global average.

Luxury car importer Neville “Croaky” Crichton and his new bride Nadi Hasandedic had a little surprise for their guests last Saturday during their spectacular wedding reception inside the Great Hall at Sydney University, which had been stuffed to bursting point with thousands of fresh flowers and crystal chandeliers.

It was when the band Gypsy Queens, a favourite of Elton John and Rod Stewart’s and flown in especially for the wedding from Paris, began performing their quirky takes on classic pop hits that the party really got under way. Croaky’s beaming bride had only one word to describe her big day to PS: “magical”.

Shot of Nadi Hasandedic and new hubby Neville Crichton from last Saturday’s wedding. Photo: Supplied

It’s been a few years since former socialite Olivia Korner made it into these pages, but she managed to land on the front page on Thursday after launching herself into a scuffle with PS’s colleagues at her boyfriend, property developer Michael Teplitsky’s Double Bay offices.

Teplitsky had crash tackled our photographer and was handcuffed in front of horrified shoppers by the Australian Federal Police who had been conducting raids on Wednesday across Sydney as part of a wider investigation into an alleged $165 million tax fraud syndicate, though neither he nor Korner are suspects in the fraud investigation and no charges have been laid over the scuffle.

Police arrest Michael Teplitsky (third from the left) during the scuffle. Photo: Fairfax Media

PS hears Teplitsky and Korner, an heiress to the Madame Korner beauty empire, have been dating for several months, with Korner, a mother of three from her previous marriage, wearing an elaborate and very expensive diamond necklace she received from her cashed-up beau on Valentine’s Day.

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