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Khloe Kardashian braless under black bomber jacket in LA


Lucky 13! Khloe Kardashian goes braless under jacket bearing her beau Tristan Thompson’s basketball number… after ex Lamar Odom claims she ‘tolerated’ his cocaine use

As she continues to enjoy her romance bliss with basketball ace Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashain’s failed marriage to Lamar Odom has been hitting headlines.

But the reality TV star appeared to be taking all of her ex’s recent revelations about their time together in her stride, as she made her way to a pinball arcade in Van Nuys, California, with her big sister Kourtney and pals Malika and Khadijah Haqq.

And while it was a girls-only excursion, Khloe’s man wasn’t far from her mind, as she wore the Cleveland Cavaliers standout’s number 13 on the back of her black jacket, under which she donned a deeply plunging top while going braless.

Scroll down for videoThe reality TV beauty further revved up her look with a pair of black skinny jeans and towering clear heels, while a black cap added to her sexy sporty look.

Khloe, 32, and her group of close pals later made their way to a Korean barbecue, where they dined while showing off their matching varsity jackets.

Her outing came as Lamar revealed to US Weekly that his ex-wife knew about his cocaine use for the last two years of their marriage.

But it was like a ‘knife in her heart’ when the E! star found the 37-year-old Los Angeles Lakers vet doing drugs with another woman.

‘She caught me in a sleazy motel room in L.A. getting high with this one girl,’ he told the magazine. ‘It was atrocious. Looking back, I’m like, “What are you doing?”‘

‘That was like sticking a knife in her heart and twisting it. She didn’t deserve it. She always tried to help me with the drugs. I rejected the help.’

The former NBA star also confessed that ‘she was disappointed’ when she caught him using drugs in their own home in 2011.

‘She knew I was doing cocaine the whole time after that. It was my drug of choice,’ he added. ‘I’m not going to say she accepted it because that would be the wrong word. Tolerated would be a better word.’

‘I was hiding it for a while, but then I got frustrated and was like, ‘F**k it,’ he admitted. ‘I was in the man cave she had made for me and she caught me.

‘She was disappointed. So was I. The sad thing about it is, I don’t know if I was disappointed because I was actually doing the drug or because she caught me.’

When asked if he regretted sharing his marriage on television, Lamar admitted it ‘opened this gate up with other women who probably wouldn’t have been interested in me.

‘When I became Khloé Kardashian’s man and on TV, it made me look more enticing. People who didn’t even know basketball would approach me because they knew Lammy.

‘B***hes and THOTs came out of the woodwork. If there is one thing I regret when I was married, it was having multiple affairs with different women. That wasn’t the stand-up thing to do. I wish I could have kept my d**k in my pants.’

But the former NBA star insisted he wasn’t on drugs or drunk when he suffered his near-fatal collapse at a Las Vegas brothel in October 2015.

Although Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar in 2013, she put things on hold in order to continue making medical decisions on his behalf during his subsequent health battle. Their divorce was eventually finalised in October 2016.The father-of-two told Us Weekly that he is now sober, after hitting the bottle once again following his recovery and subsequently going into rehab.

Khloe has moved on romantically, and was seen introducing new beau Tristan to her family during the recent season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.The star was asked by sister Kourtney about her new boyfriend Tristan and their recent trip to Mexico.

‘My boyfriend’s name is Tristan Thompson, he is a Pisces, he is Jamaican from Toronto and he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers,’ Khloe told the cameras.’We had just the best time,’ she told Kourtney about their trip to Mexico.

‘Right now my relationship is really new and I want to keep it close to my heart and not shout everything out from the rooftops. I have learned from the past and it is a lot of pressure to put your relationship out there,’ she said.

‘I don’t need someone directing Tristan and I, so I am very choosy as to who I share my dating life with,’ Khloe said.

Khloe and Tristan have been an item since at least September. In that time, Tristan’s ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig gave birth to his son Prince.


Balling! Khloe Kardashian was seen going out for a pinball game with her pals in Van Nuys, California, on Wednesday afternoon b-error

When you’ve got it…: Her neckline sloped downward far enough to expose not only a generous amount of cleavage, but also a bit of her enviably toned midriff

Squad goals: She took to Instagram to a share a shot of her crew – which included big sister Kourtney – wearing matching tops and varsity jackets

Lucky for some! She donned her basketball ace beau Tristan Thompson’s number 13

Cavalier: The handsome sportsman plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers

She’s got it in the bag! Khloe carried a large Louis Vuitton bag as she entered the venue

Standing tall: Clear high heels supported her as she emerged from the car that taken her on her outing

Auntie Khloe: As she got out of the car, she was seen walking behind her eldest nephew Mason

Family day: Kourtney and Khloe hung out with pals Malika and Khadija Haqq and Larsa Pippen

High spirits: A pair of other friends had tagged along as well, and the octet of women posed beaming in front of a row of lit-up pinball machines for Kourtney’s Instagram

Heartbroken: Her outing came as her ex-husband Lamar Odom revealed that Khloe ‘tolerated’ his cocaine use for last two years of their marriage

Denied: The Los Angeles Lakers vet insisted he wasn’t on drugs or drunk when he suffered his near-fatal collapse at a Las Vegas brothel in October 2015; pictured March 11

‘She played a major role’: The former NBA star was amazed but ‘relieved’ to see Khloe by his side in the hospital and credits her support for pulling him back from the brink

‘Ultimatum’: Earlier this year, Lamar – father of kids Destiny, 18, and Lamar Jr., 14, with Liza Morales – checked himself into a rehab facility at the urging of his daughter

Sunny break: Khloe has since embarked on a romance with Tristan Thompson

Celebrations: Earlier this month, she threw him a party to celebrate his 26th birthday

Social media: She took to Snapchat to document and share images from his big day

Thoughtful: Khloe, 32, shared a video of the celebration with Snapchat followers

Tropical fashion: Tristan looked ready to party in an Hawaiian print T-shirt, which he teamed with a giant gold cross around his neck

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