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Jason David Frank kicked out of Power Rangers premiere


‘I’m in the movie and they’re harassing me’: Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank kicked out of premiere for trying to record his cameo on phone

Jason David Frank reprises his role as one of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the franchises’ latest film reboot.But when the 43-year-old actor wanted to capture his cameo during the Power Rangers premiere in Los Angeles on March 22, he says he was escorted out by security.

He took to Facebook live to give his 900,000 plus followers a play-by-play of his ordeal.Scroll down for video’No one said that we couldn’t have videos, first of all,’ he stated.’There’s one particular moment in the movie that I wanted to look at, at least maybe take a picture of, or a video of,’ Frank continued, possibly speaking of his cameo in the film.

‘I get pointed out, kind of embarrassing,’ he says, telling fans about how he was brought out into the hallway by security and asked for his iPhone while the movie was still playing.

‘First of all, nobody’s getting my iPhone. I’m not getting punk’d like that,’ he told fans into camera, ‘I’m in the movie and they’re harassing me.’

He told the guard, ‘I’m the dude in the movie’ to which he says the guard replied, ‘It doesn’t matter.’

Jason says that security continued to ‘badger’ him, even following him into the bathroom to talk about what was on his iPhone.

‘They treated me pretty bad,’ he said during his seven minute long broadcast on the social media app.Jason first appeared on The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series in 1993 as Tommy, the Green Ranger.

He has appeared in multiple seasons of the franchises’ television run as well as staring as the White Ranger in 1995’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The MovieSome of Jason’s nearly one million Facebook fans rushed to his defense in the post he shared.

Others had no sympathy for the star, one fan wrote, ‘Of course you can’t record part of a movie. Obviously copyright laws. It’s stated before all movies that you can’t record. Don’t act like a victim.’Jason tells The Hollywood Reporter that he wasn’t able to see the second shout-out to his character which comes at the end of the movie because he was kicked out.


Out of range: Actor Jason David Frank took to Facebook live on March 22 to share the story of how he was kicked out of the Power Rangers movie premiere for taking a photo during the film b-error

Original rangers: Earlier in the night, Frank posed with his former co-stars Austin St. John, Walter Jones, and David Yost

Tough: The 43-year-old actor is also a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, seen here in 2016

First film: David appeared as the white ranger in 1995’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

Fan favorite: The Green Ranger attends fan festivals like Wizard World Comic Con, like this 2016 event in Philadelphia

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