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Big Brother Contestant’s Wife SLAMS Housemate For Making Rape Joke!

Jason Dent really crossed the line…

As we reported, in a recent clip from Big Brother, the 38-year-old was caught on camera saying he would “fuck” housemate Kevin Schlehuber‘s wife and would “tie all of Kevin’s daughters up and make them fucking watch.”

Not surprisingly, social media DRAGGED the rodeo clown for his disgusting comments, and for making light of rape.

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Reportedly, Dent’s family — who runs his Twitter while he’s in the Big Brother house — have apologized. As seen on a fan account:

However, Kevin’s wife Deborah isn’t buying it! She told TMZ she is deeply disturbed by Jason’s comments, especially because he was laughing hysterically while saying them.

Although her husband signed up for the CBS program, the neonatal nurse and her seven kids didn’t, and she is disgusted with the show’s current season.

The mother also refuses to accept his family’s apology and that the jokes were taken “out of context.” She believes Kevin would never think to say something so despicable.

It doesn’t look like this controversy is going to die down anytime soon!

Image via CBS.

Source: http://perezhilton.com/2017-08-31-jason-dent-kevin-schlehuber-deborah-schlehuber-big-brother