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Beverley Callard admits she’s been diagnosed as bipolar


‘I won’t get that time back’: Beverley Callard discusses bipolar diagnosis following her battle with depression…. before Corrie so-star Charlie Lawson surprises her with 60th birthday bash

She’s bravely discussed her battle with depression after taking time off from her role of Liz McDonald in Coronation Street last year.

And Beverley Callard looked stunning as she defiantly informed the Loose Women panellists about her progress with her mental illness – revealing doctors have now diagnosed her as being bipolar following ‘on going treatments’.

The soap-star, who was also joined by her Corrie co-star Charlie Lawson for her surprise 60th birthday bash, was fearless in discussing the harsh realities of living with clinical depression – referring to it as ‘time she’ll never get back.’

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Beverley looked stunning as she joined hosts Andrea McLean, Linda Robson, Anne Diamond and Nadia Sawalha around the table to discuss her difficult few years.Donning a tie-dye purple shirt and lush blonde curls, Beverley looked very much shocked as the panel got out party poppers and donned birthday hats to mark her big day.Speaking about her actual birthday on Tuesday, the star revealed: ‘I woke up to a weird feeling. I forgot I was turning 60. I’m over halfway now. I was emotional.’

Nadia was then quick to ask her on her well-being, following her prior confession that she battles with depression.

‘I’m very good indeed. I have to monitor myself but once you get well, you learn how to do it. Anyone can get better with the right help,’ Beverley admitted.’If you’ve had something like clinical depression it takes time out of your life. You won’t get that time back.’

Speaking about her ongoing treatment, the Yorkshire born beauty admitted: ‘My doctors actually think I’m bipolar too. I don’t know a great deal about it. With it you get massive highs and lows – but I only get the bad bits.’

Beverley took a six week break from Coronation Street last March following the onset of severe depression.

The mother-of-two has suffered with mental health problems before and has even struggled with suicidal thoughts, but her latest bout of the illness was brought on by a change in her HRT medication.

The actress had been taking Restandol for years, until it suddenly became unavailable and she was switched to another brand.Probed on if she can see it coming and handle her depression more effectively now, Beverley revealed: ‘In a way, yes. When I first had it I have no idea what it was. It hard as I’m a workaholic. If you’re a strong person, it hurts more.’

Making the day even more special, Beverley, who took on the role of landlady Liz in 1989, was then joined by her on-screen criminal husband Charlie.

The actor, who takes on the role of Jim McDonald, then emerged from behind-the-scenes with a massive cake in his hands.’I had to toast you about what you’ve been through in the last few years,’ he told his dear pal.Beverley proved to nearly burst into tears as she hadn’t seen Charlie for a while, after his character departed the show in 2014.And the surprises didn’t end there, as Beverley’s loving husband Jon McEwan also came out to surprise her with a kiss and a cuddle.

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