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You’re Going to Fall For Lush’s Halloween Line

Some people love fall because it means the return of PSL. Others are happy to bust out their sweaters and jackets and other knitwear. But some folks look forward to Halloween-themed beauty products, and on that note, Lush has teased their scary-wonderful Halloween line for everyone who wants to get their sparkly goth on, but also smell heavenly.

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Some of the products are familiar:

lush halloween

lush halloween

Pumpkin Bath Bomb, $7.75

Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar, $7.95

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream, $9.95

Magic Wand Soap, $6.95

But this year also features some all! New! Halloween! Goodies! Like this former UK-only bath bomb…

Glitter Pumpkin Bubble Bar, $7.95

Hedgewitch Soap, $7.95

…or this incredible g o t h b o m b scented with cinnamon and orange…

Black Rose Naked Lip Scrub, $6.95

Black Rose Naked Lip Tint, $10.95

If you’re agonizing over what to add to your cart, never fear; you’ve got until September 15, when the collection launches online (and September 18 IRL), to figure it out.

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