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Try This Move to Make Your Leg Days Suck Less

If tight hips make you dread the thought of lower body exercises like squats, try out this move from trainer Charlee Atkins, C.S.C.S., to help release your pain.

Your hips might be the problem preventing you from your best performance in killer lower body lifts, but according to Atkins, the solution can be found in your rear.

“The glutes are responsible for all movements at the hip and thigh,” she says. “We’re talking standing up and sitting down, walking, going up steps — actions we do every day, all day.”

To get those glutes ready for your next lift, grab a myofascial release ball (a lacrosse or tennis ball works just as well). “The ball will help mobilize the muscle and prep it for action by warming it up and sending a message to the fibers to reset and re-align themselves,” Atkins says.

Find an open spot on your home or gym floor to stretch out and get ready to roll.

For even better results, take some time to roll out to cool down after your workout. That way, you’ll jumpstart your recovery — and stave off more hip tightness from setting in.

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