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These Cleansers Make Face-Washing Great Again

Tedious tasks can haunt our days. Folding our laundry? Pass. Washing the dishes? Thanks, but no thanks. Washing our faces? I mean, we will, but we’d really rather not. We have no solutions for making the first two chores bearable, but why does cleaning our faces have to be boring AF when other skin-care steps, like masking, are so fun? We set out to make cleansing great again.

Oils, makeup-removing towelettes, foams — been there, done that. They’re classic formulas, and we respect the hell out of them, but there are some new options that have us heading to the sink with a little more pep in our step. Ahead, our favorite cleansers and tools that bring the party.


These cleansing beans are as entertaining as they are practical. Not only are they great for travel (simply siphon out as many beans as you’ll need for your trip), but with a splash of water, they transform into a frothy cleanser that’s rich in pore-purging volcanic ash.

Glow Recipe May Island Bubble Bean Cleanser, $30, available at Glow Recipe.

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If you’re someone who hates dirtying up your sink and towels post-mask treatment, you need these single-use towel tablets in your life. Just drop one in water, watch it expand like magic, and wipe up messes or take off minimal makeup.

Blackout Mask Wipe Off Towel, $5, available at Blackout.

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Do you want to wipe down your face with a super-soft fur ball? Of course you do! Dampen the towel and go to town on your makeup — no matter how much you have on, this thing can get it off.

MakeUp Eraser, $20, available at Sephora.

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When dispensed, this foam cleanser comes out in the actual shape of a rose. Consider us charmed.

Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap, $16.20, available at Kanebo Cosmetics.

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This balm’s stick form means it’s mess-free and foolproof.

Julep Love Your Bare Face, $28, available at Julep.

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These swabs are perfect for going from day to night without having to start all over again — we keep ours in our desks.

Milk Makeup Charcoal Swabs, $7, available at Milk Makeup.

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This colorful cleansing brush pulses to oscillate all the dirt and grime off your skin. Just place a dollop of your usual cleanser onto the brush head, turn it on, and glide the machine over your skin in circular motions. Oh, and prepare yourself for the sex-toy jokes sure to come your way from anyone who stumbles upon it.

Foreo Luna Face Scrub Brush, $169, available at Foreo.

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Washing your face on the plane sucks, but these individually-packaged wipes, which are soaked in cleansing water and remove every last bit of waterproof makeup, make on-the-go washing sort of pleasant.

Missha The Style Deep Clean Point Remover Tissue, $7, available at Missha.

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Soak this sponge in warm water; then, swirl it around your face with your favorite cleansing balm, mousse, or cream. Voilà — instant clean, soft skin.

100% Pure Charcoal Konjac Sponge, $15, available at 100% Pure.

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Slathering a cleanser infused with snail slime all over your face may not sound like the most luxurious of beauty experiences, but the ingredient is actually rich in protein, glycolic acid, and elastin, making it a skin-smoothing miracle worker.

Mizon Snail Cushion Foam Cleanser, $14, available at Peach & Lilly.

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