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35 Expert Spray Tanning Tips to Guarantee You’ll Never Get a Bad Tan Again


Here’s how to avoid being a hot streaky mess after a spray tan

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a spray tan! Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Sure, spray tanning may be much better than baking in the sun (hold the skin cancer risk and premature aging, please), but no one ever said that getting a natural-looking faux glow would be easy — and almost everyone has walked away from a spray tan streaky, blotchy, or bright orange.

For anybody who’s ever had a bad spray tan that made you want to swear of of them forever, follow these tips to avoid future disasters.

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Top 35 spray tanning tips

1. Avoid using deodorant before your spray tan appointment as it will provide a barrier to the spray tan’s absorption.

2. Try not to apply moisturizer prior to having a spray tan as it will interrupt the absorption of the spray tan.

3. Where possible, always shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to a spray tan appointment, as hair removal after a spray tan will remove the tan.

4. Try not to get wet for 1–2 hours after a spray tan. So if it is raining the day of your appointment, make sure you bring a large enough umbrella to cover you.

5. When possible, try to wear dark, loose clothing to and from a spray tan appointment to avoid staining lighter-colored clothes.

6. Try to avoid activities that will cause excessive perspiring for 12 hours after a spray tan, even if you are able to wash your tan off after a couple of hours.

7. Try to avoid activities that naturally exfoliate the skin — such as baths and chlorinated pool swimming — for at least 12 hours after your spray tan.

8. If you are going on holidays and will be swimming in a chlorinated pool, use a tan extender like Jergen’s Natural Glow to prolong your tan.

9. Your tan professional will tell you when you can shower depending on the level of color depth and your skin requirements, but when you do shower, avoid using soap and shower only with warm (not hot) water to wash off the excess tan color.

10. Keep your skin as moisturized as possible after your spray tan to increase the longevity of the tan and help you to avoid the tan wearing off in patches due to dry skin.

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